Bank Deposit

Advantages of making deposit to receive a residence permit in Latvia:

This way of receiving residence permit in Latvia is the easiest and the quickest in comparison with other ways of receiving it. This way is unique by its opportunity to create the contract even within a day. Moreover, it is not necessary to arrive in Latvia because everything can be done virtually.

Description of banking system in Latvia.

In Latvia banks are reliable and stable that can be explained by the stric control mechanism during last years. In Latvia banking service is European level that is created since Latvia is a member state of EU and by 2014 has joined the eurozone with united euro currency. Due to activities strengthening economics majority of banks in Latvia and subsidiary units from Scandinavian and European finance institutions have developed special provisions which makes it a duty to guarantee covering of liabilities in every moment.

Not only residents can open an account in banks but also non-residents. It is important that there are no restrictions to currency operation amount (also in deposit) in Latvia. Information told by a customer to a bank is confidential and making it public in Latvia can be punished by criminal law by basing on LR legislation. Information about customer's account and deposit is confidential as it is prescribed in legislation of LR according to third parties (also state institutions), except cases when criminal cases are investigated.

Banking system is developed because every bank has an access to a virtual account managing called i-bank (internet bank) that is a very modern and easy to use providing opportunity to follow the deposit in comparison with many East European countries.

In banks of Latvia there are comparably low rate for their services for example opening and maintaining of accounts. Customers do not need to pay the guarantee deposit in Latvia and also in some banks of Latvia maintenance of accounts is for free. There are many more advantages for INVEST RIGA clients, which are already used by them from the whole world.

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