Investment business in Latvia

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Doing business in latvia

Investment business in Latvia

Latvia is one of Baltic states as well as one of European Union member states where business goes successfully and has sustainable growth.

Doing business in latvia

 Business in Latvia

If you are interested in investments in Latvia then INVEST RIGA has a wide database in its offer where business is divided in several fields. Contact us to get more detailed information about our "business" catalogue and services.

What is business?

Most often we understand word business as implementation of commercial liabilities and its operations. Business can be from doing handicrafts to making products in industrial amount, from news-stall to supermarket chain or from parking facilities to commercial property in the downtown of city. There are different opportunities and fields included in business which let businessmen to express themselves. However, they are strictly controlled by Latvian legislation which prescribe how to do business in Latvia.

Important information about starting business in Latvia

Business in Latvia Riga Jurmala

Every business is started by business idea that is developed by team, which has competence and knowledge in concrete field. Nowadays in globalization conditions when information exchange speed has become incomparably faster, that is mostly due to opportunities provided by the Internet, we can purchase and sell the most different things and services even though e-business is only at first phase of its development. Nowadays business is the integral part of economics which is just for 20 years in Latvia. However, it has been the period when many gifted businessmen have taken care of developing this area in Latvia. Business competition is always intense but in spite of this condition many fields are still available in different cities of Latvia such as Riga, Jūrmala or region of Riga. INVEST RIGA sells business in Latvia, business ideas which are in different development stages.

Business from INVEST RIGA

Starting business there are always opportunities by founding a new company or purchasing business that has proved itself and is many steps in front of just founded company. In the catalogue of INVEST RIGA there is an opportunity to find business idea or a company that works for many years in Latvia. Services provided by INVEST RIGA are consultations, finance attracting while developing business (private sectors, EU structural funds co-financing), planning deal and management. Competent INVEST RIGA specialists will help you to invest in business in a professional way. Investors interested in residence permit in Latvia can receive it for investment in company's capital.

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