Services for Business Investment

Investors investing in business in Latvia can receive full range of services from INVEST RIGA.

INVEST RIGA purchases and sells business in Latvia.

INVEST RIGA offers to invest in business in Latvia with an opportunity to receive a residence permit in Latvia. Information summarized about investment opportunities in business in Latvia is available in our business catalogue. We provide investors with such services:

  • Finding and offering businesses in Latvia which correspond with investors' interests. Purchasing and selling of business of Latvia
  • Consulting business transactions
  • Evaluating business. Between business partners of INVEST RIGA are several certified business evaluating professionals, which gives an advantage to evaluate the company at international level. Evaluations are accepted and received by Latvian court instances, banks and company register.
  • Drawing financing to a business:
    1. Private investors. INVEST RIGA database includes investors who are interested in different cooperation and development projects in Riga, Jūrmala and other towns.
    2. Attachment of European Union structural funds (preparing the projects for EU structural fund programs);
  • to create and open an account in Latvian banks;
  • to register a company in Latvia (legal entities);
  • bookkeeping services and audits;
  • virtual office;
  • tax consultations;
  • legal consultations.
 Business in Riga Latvia Jurmala

Purchasing "business in Latvia".

There are two ways how to purchase a company - founding a new company or purchasing a business that already works.

Benefits of already existing company

  • business that is already working for some time has gone through initial phases which are related to fighting for a place in the market;
  • it is a lot easier to draw finances;
  • cooperation with business partners;
  • clear vision about current market;
  • qualification of workers is in a necessary level;
  • Business in Latvia quite often is being sold for price that is below the market price that should be invested when founding new similar business;
  • becoming an owner of already existing company means that the money invested starts paying back from the day when property rights on business were registered.

Disadvantages of already existing company

  • hardly traceable business transaction history that need to be particularly checked;
  • unknown real motives for selling business because usually it happens due to problems in the company.

The most important is that also as rarely business is being sold when it is in trouble because the best price is at the moment when it goes better than ever.

You are welcome to arrive in Riga, Latvia to evaluate and look over our investment variants in Latvia. Business catalogue of Latvia from INVEST RIGA.

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