INVEST RIGA services while purchasing a real estate in Latvia

INVEST RIGA offers its customers investments in real estate in Latvia. Our experience and wide information database let us find a "real estate in Latvia" that is corresponding to requests of every investor.

The range of our services for investing in real estate in Latvia:

  • preparing of information and consulting about purchasing a real estate in Latvia;
  • fast and individual finding of real estate in Riga and its area or Jurmala for purchasing or renting;
  • finding a real estate to get the Schengen visa;
  • evaluating the real estate;
  • administering the residence permit for Latvian non-residents;
  • purchasing real estate from banks;
  • participating and representing in auctions of real estates in Latvia;
  • development of strategic direction of transactions;
  • full support and management of legal transactions;
  • consultations about legal issues;
  • getting profit by managing purchased real estates;
  • managing of purchased estates;
  • insurance of real estates;
  • consultations about crediting opportunities in Latvia while purchasing a real estate;
  • creating and opening of an account in Latvian banks;
  • registration of legal entities.

You are welcome in Riga, Latvia to evaluate and view investment variants offered by our company together. Real estate in Riga catalogue.

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Receiving the residence permit with INVEST RIGA

INVEST RIGA offers to solve all questions you have about purchasing a real estate and receiving residence permit by purchasing a real estate in Latvia.

Benefits of purchasing a "real estate in Latvia"

  • Latvia is the third most ecologically clean country in the world because diversity and richness of nature is virgin and developing in natural process that allows our country to take such position. The greatest treasure of nature is the green gold - forests of Latvia.
  • Arranged and clear document transmission system in our country lets to arrange all estate rights registration formalities safely and easy when buying a real estate in Latvia;
  • In Latvia safety level is very high and stable for more than 15 years;
  • It is located in geographically advantageous place between South and North where the biggest and most stable economics are and which are often directed through Latvia and Riga;
  • Opportunity to get a residence permit quickly and safely by purchasing a real estate in Latvia with INVEST RIGA;
  • The prices of purchasing real estate in Latvia are quite low and terms are charming in comparison with other countries and locations;
  • Education level is comparably high in evaluation of European Union member states and usage of Russian and English is in high level;
  • INVEST RIGA provides an opportunities to increase the value of your investment in real estate and its development will be stable due to swift economic growth between other member states of European Union;
  • Real estate in Latvia will be as your investments - apartment in Riga, house in Jūrmala, house in Riga, apartment in Jūrmala, investment project in historical centre of Riga or other projects that can be found in

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